It seems like Zoom does no longer allow you to convert the files just by clicking on them.

This guide explains how to convert .zoom files on Ubuntu. It should also work on other Linux distributions with minor changes. Here you can find the guides for macOS and Windows.

I’m assuming that you’ve installed the Zoom client using the standard way.

Step 1

command line terminal with the command ‘/opt/zoom/zoomlinux /home/tim/rec/double_click_to_convert_01.zoom’ typed in

Open a console and type in the command /opt/zoom/zoomlinux followed by the path to the first zoom file you want to convert. You can insert a file path at the text cursor position by dragging the file into the terminal window. Confirm the command by pressing enter.

Step 2

Zoom windows showing the progress of the conversion. The text reads ‘You have a recording that needs to be converted before viewing. You may convert your recording later by double clicking .zoom file located in the recording folder.’

Zoom is now converting the file(s). This may take a while. Just grab your favorite beverage and wait.

Step 3

Files window showing the converted files: ‘audio_only.m4a’, ‘audio_only_1.m4a’, ‘playback.m3u’, ‘zoom_0.mp4’, ‘zoom_1.mp4’

When it is done, the window will close. Now you can find the converted files in the folder the original .zoom files were in.